Concurrency and Parallelism are worthless jargon

Some people write blog posts on the fine distinctions between the programming jargon of "concurrency" and "parallelism" as if this is very meaningful. But this is all dumb and stupid and inventing a problem out of thin air. What programmers really mean when they say "parallelism" is multicore hardware and what they really mean when they say "concurrency" is multiprocessing (which for nontechies means you can run two different computer programs or processes at the same time.)

Enough about PHP already!

Much has been said about how PHP is a bad programming language. I personally don't believe PHP is a bad programming language because of specific misfeatures. Instead, I believe the general community culture of programming is horribly broken and so results in such garbage. I identify three key points that inevitably leads to such garbage as PHP:

Terrorism Statistics

There is a lot of garbage about terrorism online.

Over The Wire Writeup

Recently I have been trying out some wargames on to increase my cracking skills.

The Stack Lock

I thought I'd repost an interesting post I made on rust lang forums see here.