Enough about PHP already!

Much has been said about how PHP is a bad programming language. I personally don't believe PHP is a bad programming language because of specific misfeatures. Instead, I believe the general community culture of programming is horribly broken and so results in such garbage. I identify three key points that inevitably leads to such garbage as PHP:

Terrorism Statistics

I have noticed severe misrepresentations of the truth about certain terrorism statistics in many places. I personally attempted to find out the truth for myself and so aggregated the data from the Global Terrorism Database at the University of Maryland. I have become tired of reposting the same statistics and methodology on reddit and so have created this blog post to gather the data.

Over The Wire Writeup

Recently I have been trying out some wargames on to increase my cracking skills.

The Stack Lock

I thought I'd repost an interesting post I made on rust lang forums see here.